Metal Keychains

Pinstar has specialized in manufacturing custom bulk metal keychainsand enamel keychainsfor many years. Since 2003, we have manufactured cool metal keychains, which are perfect for party favor, sports events, business organizations, and promotional activities. As a custom metal keychains manufacturer, we offer custom-made metal keychains with a wide choice of shapes and colors. Metal keychains such as metal stamped keychains can be made by stamping, casting, and photo etching as your design. Our custom metal keyrings consist of vibrant enamel and durable gold, silver, and copper materials. You can custom enamel keyringsby shape and color. Or you can custom metal keychains with logo. It's all up to you. As long as you tell us your requirements, we can make your design come true. Contact our team of creative designers to know how to make your customized metal key chain.

How to Make Metal Keychains

As a professional personalized metal keychains manufacturer, Pinstar is proud to produce the best promotional products, custom metal keychains, and hard enamel keychains. Our custom enamel keyrings are made of vibrant enamel, smooth finish, and durable gold, silver, copper, and black dye plating, which is far from the souvenir store appliances that are used to hang on people's key chains. If you are looking for the best custom logo metal keychains manufacturer to order custom metal keychains and hard enamel keychains in bulk, Pinstar is sure to be your ideal and reliable custom enamel keyrings supplier.

Pinstar’s printed metal keychainsand personalized metal keychainsare consisted of three parts: trinket, chain, clasp/ring. We use the best materials and equipment to manufacture the hard enamel keychains. There are three ways to make the enamel keychains trinket shaped.

If you want customized engraved metal keychainswholesale,we have excellent staffs to make your metal keychain design lively and interesting. We are very happy to help you take every step, and we are proud of our custom metal keychainwholesale service, and looking forward to working with you.

Pinstar can make custom diecast keychains, which are ideal for replicating small details featuring unique cutouts or shapes. Printed keychains are a lightweight and cost-effective way to blend colors and photos.

Derived from the tradition of forging, the stamping process involves the use of a press to punch or punch it during the stamping process. Pressing creates both raised and recessed details, creating a stylish look for your brand.

Metal Keychains Order Process

Pinstar is your reliable metal clip keychain supplier, offering a hassle-free way to get your custom made metal keychains and keyrings. Our bulk engraved and personalised metal keychains are made to the highest standards and delivered on time.

The order process is simple and straightforward, involving three main steps.

Sending us your ideas and sketch.

Firstly, send us your ideas and sketches via or call. Our team of experts will work with you to create a design that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Deciding on the details like the shape, quantity, and size.

Once the design is finalized, the next step is to decide on the details such as shape, quantity, and size. Our custom keychains wholesaleoptions include a wide range of shapes and sizes, including custom shapes and sizes, so you can create a keychain that is unique to your brand or organization.

Producing and shipping Custom-made METAL KEYCHAINS to you.

Finally, once the details are confirmed, we will produce and ship your bulk engraved metal keychainsor custom made metal keyringsto you. Our efficient production process ensures that you receive high-quality keychains that are made to your exact specifications.

In summary, Pinstar's metal keychains order process is the best way to get your custom made metal keychainsand keyrings. With our team of experts and efficient production process, you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time and to the highest standards.

Pinstar Metal Keychains Features

Custom logo metal keychainsare a practical and effective way to promote your brand or design. Pinstar, a metal circle keychain suppliers, offers a wide range of metal keychains custommade to your specifications. Here are some of the features of their customised metal keyrings:

Made of die-struck metal: Pinstar's custom soft enamel keychainare made using a die-striking process. This involves creating a custom mold of your design and stamping it onto a piece of metal. The result is a durable product that can withstand everyday use.

Full plating options: Pinstar's customised business metal keychainscan be plated with a variety of finishes, including gold, silver, bronze, and nickel. This allows you to personalise the keychain to match your brand or design.

Bright, vivid colors: Personalised metal charm keychainsfrom Pinstar can be painted with bright enamel colors, creating an eye-catching and memorable product. They also offer complex, custom shapes to make your keychain stand out even more.

Variety of attachments: Pinstar's personalised metal keychains can be fitted with a variety of attachments, including key rings, clips, and lanyards. This allows you to choose the attachment that works best for your needs, whether you want to attach the keychain to your keys, bag, or clothing.

In summary, Pinstar's custom metal keychainsare an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, personalised product to showcase their brand or design.

Benefits of Custom-made Metal Keychains

As a professional personalised metal keychains manufacturer, Pinstar knows a lot about the benefits of custom-made metal keyrings. Custom metal keychains offer several benefits.

First, custom shape metal keychainsare made of metal. So custom metal keychains are more durable than acrylic keyrings and other keychains which are made of other materials. The customised metal keyrings are less likely to break or crack over time.

If you are looking for durable keychains, custom-made metal keychains are good options.

Second, custom metal keychains can be made in different shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for complete customization to fit the specific needs of a business or individual. And custom metal keyrings can be customized with logos, images, or text to make them unique and memorable.

Third, custom-made metal keychains have versatility. Because Metal keychains can be made in different types of metals, such as brass, steel, or aluminum. They can be plated or polished for a high-end finish or painted to match a specific color or design.

Fourth, custom-made metal keychains are a good way for Brand promotion. Custom metal keychains can be an effective marketing tool for businesses. Make metal keychains with logoor tagline, and distribute them to employees or customers to promote brand awareness and loyalty.

With the durability, customization, and versatility of customized personalised metal keychains, they can be an effective tool for businesses, organizations, or individuals to promote their brands or commemorate special occasions.

If you are going to make your own metal keychains and want to find a trustworthy custom metal key chainmanufacturer, Pinstar is your best option. As a professional custom metal keyrings manufacturer, Pinstar has rich experience in personalised metal keychainsmanufacturing. Bulk personalised metal keychains from Pinstar! Welcome to contact us!

For more information about personalised enamel pin badges, please feel free to contact us!

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