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Product Name S-23
Alias S23
MF C18H13ClF4N2O3
Purity 99.50%
Dosage 10mg to 15mg
Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance White crystalline powder
Brand Nmae TJ
Standard USP
Stock Mass Stock
Packing Methods designed disguised packing ways, 100% pass custom guarantee
Delivery time within 18 hours after payment confirmed
Payment Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin
Usage Male hormonal contraceptive, increase muscle mass, reduce fat

S23 is an orally bioavailable, nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) which has been established to raise lean muscle and bone tissue whilst getting tissue selective (unlike traditional steroids).

Studies and user reports recommend that S23 is the closest SARM to steroids, having a handful of key differences, including decreased prostate size. Other user reports suggest that S23 is a far more powerful version of S4 Andarine) plus the positive aspects of this SARM falls in the category of hardening muscle and producing a grainier aesthetic look.

Study on for a complete review of every thing you must know about S23, such as positive aspects, unwanted effects, studies and results for escalating muscle mass and preserving gains.

S-23 not only boosted muscle mass, but also reduced fat mass, as studied. SARMs have a bit of a 'soft' image in the doping world. They don't stimulate muscle growth in the way that anabolic steroids do, but many users say that they are safer.

There are no studies yet that confirm this suspicion. But that S23 is not one of the safer SARMs - we'd be willing to wager a bottle of BCAAs on that. S23 halts the production of sperm in the testes. In fact it does this so well that the researchers suspect S23 might be a good candidate for a male contraceptive. If this is the case it would probably have to be part of a cocktail that also contains an estradiol analogue, the researchers discovered. The lab animals lost their libido when they were given S23 on its own, and only recovered this when they were given estradiol benzoate together with the S23.

S-23 is new to the market, and no recommendation for dose is available. Data shows that a dose of 0.3 mg S23 [human equivalent: 15 mg] leads to an increase in muscle mass, but that the prostate dimensions decreased. But there is no official doses for S23 yet. We will update the dosing information when it is available.

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