2 eha monomer

CAS number: 103-11-7

  1. 2 eha monomer is mainly used as soft monomer to make acrylate solvents and emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives. It is also used as the main monomer for the production of microspheroidal pressure-sensitive adhesives for notepads. In addition, it is used in the manufacture of coatings, plastic modifiers, paper making and leather processing aids, fabric finishing agents, and other products.

2-Ethylhexyl acrylate should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse and kept away from fire, heat sources, and light. The temperature in warehouses should not exceed 30°C and the container should be tightly closed. It is not allow to contact with air and should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, and alkalis to avoid mixing. An appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment should be installed. In storage areas, spill treatment equipment and suitable containment materials should be prepared.

Properties and stability

2-Ethylhexyl acrylate is easy to polymerize under light and should avoid contact with strong oxidants, strong acids, and strong alkalis. It is a flammable chemical and easily burns in case of fire or high heat.

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