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CAS NO.: 98-56-6

Chemical properties of PCBTF solvent

P-chlorbenzotrifluoride (PCBTF) is a liquid at room temperature. It has a relative density of 1.353 and is soluble in organic solvents such as benzene and toluene.

Uses of PCBTF

PCBTF is used as an intermediate for pesticides, medicines, and dyes.

Storage and transportation characteristics:

The warehouse for PCBTF storage should be ventilated and kept dry at a low temperature. It is stored and transported in separation from oxidants and food materials.

Explosive hazardous characteristics

PCBTF, when reacting with sodium dimethyl sulfinate, releases a lot of heat and can explode.

Flammability hazardous characteristics

PCBTF flames in case of fire and releases toxic halide gases when heated and decomposed.

Storage and transportation characteristics

Warehouses for PCBTF storage should be ventilated and kept dry at low temperatures; PCBTF should be separated in storage and transportation from oxidants and food materials.

Extinguishing agents

Carbon dioxide, sand, and foam

Production methods

The preparation method of PCBTF comprises the following steps: adding p-chlorotrichlorotoluene into a fluorination reactor, cooling the condenser with frozen salt water, pressing the liquid hydrogen fluoride measured by the liquid bottle from a steel bottle to a fluorination reactor, adding a catalyst, closing the regulating valve, and stirring. In the heating reaction, the hydrogen fluoride produced by the reaction is accompanied by the volatilization of hydrogen fluoride and the organic matter to condense and reflux. The liquid hydrogen fluoride condensed and recovered is stored in the recovery tank. At the end of the reaction, the fluorinated product of PCBTF enters the distillation pot and is heated in a vacuum system to obtain a rectified product.

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