Enzyme Carriers

SEPLITE ®Enzyme Carriers


Enzyme carrier is a kind of Resin beads for Enzyme immobilization.


The resin enzyme catalysis technology mainly relies on the high efficiency and specificity of the enzyme. It usually catalyzes the reaction with the substrate in the form of a dilute solution in a free state, but the enzyme after the reaction is difficult to recover. To this end, people have invented enzyme immobilization technology to easily separate the enzyme. The enzyme immobilization technique is to immobilize the free enzyme on a solid support by physical or chemical means, and it needs to have the same activity as the free enzyme.


Compared with liquid enzyme, immobilized enzyme has some advantages when it is used for enzyme catalysis. For example, it is easy to be separated, possible to be utilized circularly, easy to control the reaction, enzyme concentration can be increased in reaction zone. Immobilized enzyme are widely applied in industries like bio-pharmaceutical and food processing.


Enzyme carriers are the most important matrix to fix enzyme of ion learning exchange. SEPLITE® LX 1000 series enzyme carriers can meet different requirements for immobilized enzyme with noteworthy features like larger pore volume, higher specific surface area, larger enzyme load, more active enzyme, better mechanical strength and more periodicity of circular usage. Up to now, LX 1000 have been successfully applied in manufacturing of 7ACA、6APA、7ADCA and amino acid.


Sunresin is the biggest enzyme carrier manufacturer in China, which greatly promote the industrial scale production of Chinese 7-ACA. The immobilized enzyme method solved the environmental problem caused by chemical method and greatly decreased the production cost of 7-ACA. Enzyme decomposition technology for 7-ACA was firstly supported by SR carriers which is the milestone in China 7-ACA industrial innovation.

Category List

SEPLITE ®LX 1000EPEnzyme Carrier With Epoxy Group

SEPLITE ® LX 1000HAEnzyme carrier with hexylamine group

SEPLITE ® LX 1000EAEnzyme Carrier With Ethylamine Group

SEPLITE ®LX 1000IDAEnzyme Carrier With Iminodiacetic Acidic Group

SEPLITE ® LX 1000MEEnzyme Carrier With Methyl Chloride Group

SEPLITE ® LX 1000HGEnzyme Carrier With Propanediol Group

SEPLITE ® LXC621Enzyme Carrier for Lipase Immobilization

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