Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin (WAC)

SEPLITE ® Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin


acidic ion exchange resin? The words below would give a proper answer.


The weak acid cation exchange resin is the type of ion learning exchange resin with functional group of carboxylic acid group (-COOH) . They show weak acidity like acetic acid, having the ability to exchange with bases such as NaOH and weak acid salts such as NaHCO3.


The weak acid cation exchange resins have two kinds of chemical structures, a methacrylic acid type and an acrylic acid type. This makes a difference for the ion exchange ability. The methacrylic acid type can be used at pH above 5, while the acrylic acid type can be used at pH above 4. Even though use is restricted, it is easier to regenerate than a strong acid cation exchange resin.


weakly acidic cation exchange resins are suitable in the fields of removal of water dealkalization, carbonate hardness, purification of antibiotics and amion acid. It is not used much for water processing because of the less acidity, but for antibiotic and amino acid purification.

Typical Applications For Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin

Bicarbonate alkalinity from water

Transition metals recovery

Water dealkalization

Purification of antibiotics and amion acid


Kosher Certificate

Halal Certificate

FDA registeration

WQA Gold Seal Certificate



Category List

SEPLITE MC280NMacroporous type,Weak acid, Acrylic,  Na+Form

SEPLITE MC280HMacroporous type,Weak acid, Acrylic,  H+Form

SEPLITE MC280KMacroporous type,Weak acid, Acrylic, H+/K+ Form, food grade,

SEPLITE MC290Macroporous type,Weak acid, Acrylic,  H+Form,food grade

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