2-Methoxycinnamic acid 


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Name:  2-Methoxycinnamic acid 


Synonyms Name:

Cinnamic acid,









CAS No.:6099-03-2





Molecular Formula:C10H10O3

Molecular Weight:178.18

EINECS No.:228-047-4

Melting point: 182-186 °C

Purity: >99%

Appearance: White crystal powder,Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents

Package specification: 200kg/blue barrel

Storage:  sealed, store in cool, dry, ventilated place


Preparation method: From the aqueous poplar aldehyde and dimethyl sulfate methylation reaction was made.

The 3kg sodium hydroxide is mixed with 30% aqueous solution and added by stirring In a solution containing 12.2kg of water, Yang aldehyde and 80L water, heated to boiling.

The 12.9kg sulfuric acid dimethyl ester is slowly added to keep the reaction fluid reflux

About 3h Plus, continue to reflow 2-3h, cooling oil, with 5% sodium hydroxide solution washed, and then washed to ph 8, plus anhydrous potassium carbonate Dry. Remove the desiccant after decompression distillation, collect 120 ℃ (2.0kPa) fraction, that is, O-methoxy benzaldehyde.

Methylation reactions are also Can be carried out in solvent toluene, yield 60%.



 2-Methoxycinnamic acid 

 is an organic synthetic intermediate for the production of spices and pharmaceuticals. O-methoxy basic formaldehyde can be used in production.

methoxy-phenyl-methyl Aldehyde can be used in the production of epinephrine-induced cough ning. O-methoxy cinnamic acid is mainly used in the fragrance of daily. Cinnamic acid is an important organic chemical raw material, widely used in drugs, flavors, essence and fragrances and light-sensitive materials and other fine Preparation of chemical products.

Cinnamic acid is a cinnamon-flavored spice that blends apples, cherries, fruits and floral fragrances as a flavoring ingredient. Generally has a good effect of incense, and can make the fragrance of the main fragrance more fresh through hair, but also as soap, shampoo, washing powder, daily cosmetics in the aromatic mixture.

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