Vicose Thickener LH-317H

Vicose Thickener LH-317H

-A kind of guar gum.

- LH-317H is suitable for the acid printing of natural silk and nylon, it has excellent fluidity, can be used in the rotary or flat screen printing. Meanwhile, LH-317H can also be used in the disperse printing, reactive printing, burnt discharge printing and discharge printing. Suggest stirring fully before use to achieve better printing performance. Pay attention that it will agglomerate when mixed with borate or tannic acid.YimanVicose Thickener

Key Features and Typical Benefits:

Good water solubility, can puff and thicken after stirring in coldwater.

Good fluid and penetrationperformance.

Clear outline, high color yield, bright-colored, easy to be washed off and good handleing.

As a pure natural thickener and environmental friendly product, it does no harm to environment.

Excellent stability to chemical reagents, such as acid(citric acid, tartaric acid) and some reducing agent(stannouschloride).




Physical Form



Beige powder

pH value(10% aqueous solution)

Water Content (%)


Ionic Character


YimanVicose ThickenerApplication:

LH-317H 10%

Water orotherchemicals 90%Total 100%’

Note: Dissolve LH-317H into cold water slowly and keep fast stirring for at least 40mins to prevent agglomeration occurring 。 Keep the paste standing for a whole night to make maximumpuffing.Hotwater(around70℃) canacceleratethepuffing。Afterfullypuffing, take50-80% pastetomakecolorpaste.Addorganicacidsuchastartaricacidorcitricacid toadjustpHtoaround5.0(noneedtoadjustpHwhenusedinreactiveprinting). According to the experience, use 200 mesh sieve to filter the paste beforeusing.

More information you can click here.

Note: Detailed process should be adjusted according to preliminary tries.

Operating and safety instructions:

Package & Storage:

Bag net 25 kg, Pay attention to moisture, can be stored for 6 months under room temperature and hermetic condition without exposure to sunlight. To ensure that the productqualityismaintained,pleasechecktheperiodofvalidityoftheproduct,andshould be used up before the validity. The container should be tightly sealed when not in use. It should be stored without prolonged exposure to extreme heat and coldconditions.


The above recommendations are based on comprehensive studies conducted inthe practical finishing. They are, however, without liability regarding property rights of third parties and foreign laws. The user should test whether the product and the Application: are suited for his very specialpurposes.

We are, above all, not liable for fields and methods of Application: which have not been put down by us in writing.

Advice for marking regulations and protective measures can be taken from the respective safety data sheet.

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