Gasoline Detergent

In case of contact with skin accidentally, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents.

Product Introduction

is the Mannich base type of detergent products which is produced under the cooperation of our company and Sinopec Research Institute. The product can effectively inhibit the sediment generation of gasoline engine fuel nozzles, valves, and other key parts, Keep the engine fuel system and fuel system cleaner and engine life longer as well as improve the fuel economy.

is 200ppm and 400ppm. And in the national quality supervision and test center for testing of petroleum products, our product meets the GB19592 Motor Gasoline Detergent Standards Requirements.

This product can also modulate variety of engine oil circuit and lubricate system exempt opens detergent.

Product Technical Index


Typical Value

Test method



Visual inspection

Kinematic Viscosity(40℃), mm2/s



Flash Point(PMCC), ℃



Density(20℃), kg/m3


ASTM D4052

N Content, m%

ASTM D3228

Mechanical Impurities, m%


Water Content, m%


Package, Storage and Transportation

The product is packed with iron barrels, with a net weight of 200Kg/barrel. It is suitable for container transport and truck transport. The temperature of storage shall not surpass 45℃. To avoid contact with strong oxidants when used. The shelf life of product is 2 years.

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