Liquid Chromogenic Culture Media

Liquid Chromogenic Culture Medium

Coliforms and E. coli liquid chromogenic medium

Performance Characteristics of Liquid Chromogenic Culture Media

Product Details of Liquid Chromogenic Culture Media






Validity Period

Liquid chromogenic culture medium


For 1ml sample inspection


128 cups/carton

1 year

Liquid chromogenic culture medium


For 10ml sample inspection


128 cups/carton

Liquid chromogenic culture medium


For 5ml sample inspection


128 cups/carton

XM powder medium


For preparing medium

20 bags/carton

3 years

MT opener


For MT container opening




Usage Method of Liquid Chromogenic Culture Media

XM-30: 1ml, XM-31: 10ml, XM-32: 5ml

  1. ± 1 °C

※XM powder medium usage: Dissolve 500ml of pure water per bag, inject 10ml into the test tube, autoclave, then inject 1ml sample, and incubate at 36±1°C for 24 hours. The identification method is the same.

Coloring Principle

Coliforms positive

There is a special β-galactosidase only exit in the coliforms. It can be used as an indicator enzyme for coliform bacteria, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the substrate X-GAL to form 5,5-dibromo -4,4-dichloro indigo, appearing light blue ~ purple-blue.

β--glucuronidase can be used as an indicator enzyme for Escherichia coli; because β-glucuronidase can be observed in Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Shigella in intestinal bacteria, and 95% of E. coli contains β-glucuronidase. It catalyzes the hydrolysis of MUG to form 4-methylumbelliferon, which exhibits fluorescence at 366 nm ultraviolet light and is visually discernible under indoor light intensity.

Operation and Coloring of Liquid Chromogenic Culture Media

ELEX Biological Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a colony counter manufacturer, which specializes in sales, research and development of microbiological test products for food hygiene testing and environment testing, simultaneously act as an agency of microbial testing equipment from ELMEX Corporation of Japan. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015, and the products have passed the strict assessment of the quality management of the Japanese food industry and are favored by the industry. Its top popular product---ST swab samplerseries account for 70% of the market rate in Japan.

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