Hexabromobenzene (HBB)

Product name : Hexabromobenzene (HBB)

Product category: Flame retardant

Formula: Formula

CAS NO: 87-82-1


Specification Data Sheet:


White Powder



Bromine content % ≥


Free Bromine ppm

10 max



Volatile content %


Water content %


Purity %



30 max



Hexabromobenzene referred HBB, molecular weight 551.6. A white powder, melting point 327οC and bromine content of 86%, the initial decomposition temperature of  340 οC.Hydrolytic stability is high, do not dissolve in water, ethanol-soluble, ether, benzene soluble. A kind of brominated flame retardant, used as flame retardant additives, applicable to EP,ABS,PS,PE,PP,PA etc.

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