Parylene Application

Parylene Application


Eletronics (MEMS,PCB,Hybrid Circuit)

Parylene coatingcontains not only excellent dielectric properties, low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength but also good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Based on its superior dimensional stability and cryogenic property, the device with parylene can withstand high breakdown voltages like 1.5KV, 2.0 KV and even 10KV voltage without changing the dimension, Applying high purity Paryleneas a passivation layer and dielectric layer can offer quite a safe and reliable protection.

Medical Devices

Parylenecoating materialAuthorized by FDA with high purity, chemical inertness and Biocompatibility, is used for various kinds of implantation. The parylene improve the device lubricity on the surface and Biocompatibility, increasing the reliability. Instead of heating and solidification, the film is formed at the room temperature and no catalyst is needed. Thus, biosensor, nail, bone lamella and cardiac pacemaker will have better Biocompatibility, which will be more reliable in the biotic environment.


At present, the potential parylene application comes from the common fields to the unknown area. with the emergence of auto-control of deposition, more and more fields of technology's getting familiar to this polymer even in the automatic industry.


Parylene Powderis a transparency film which defines as a totally linear structural material with high crystalinity, being extremely thin and light as well as excellent barrier properties and chemical resistance. In addition to above advantages, honored as a new protective material for LED equipment, Parylene provides incomparable stability in the conditions of high temperature and ultraviolet ray, which is superior to almost all other polymeric mterials.

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