Chemical Ground Electrode

Chemical Ground ElectrodeSystem

Performance characteristics and working principle of chemical ground rod:

Chemical Grounding electrode (chemical grounding rod) is a new type of grounding system suitable for all kinds of places with high grounding requirements and difficult grounding engineering.

The chemial grounding electrode system consists of advanced alloy compounds, with a copper tube on the outside to ensure maximum conductivity and long service life. The filling material inside the conductor contains special ionic compounds, which can absorb moisture in the air adequately. Active ions can be effectively released into the soil through the deliquescence, and interact with the moisture in the soil and air to further promote the external slow release and drag reduction of conductors, and to maintain the long-term stability of the resistance value. Compounds in conductors are gradually combined in colloidal transparency over time.

By utilizing the conductivity of the colloidal compound, the entire system can be ion-exchanged for a long time, thus forming an ideal electrolytic ion grounding system. After the slow-release filler in the conductor is embedded, the grounding resistance will gradually decrease, reaching a stable value within six months to one year, and the embedded slow-release process can last for several years. The main connecting parts of the ion grounding electrode are hot-melt welded, which has overcome other connection methods and easy connection loosening.

The connecting wire is a copper clad steel copperweld stranded wire with a section of 95 mm2 and a length of 3 m and is crimped to the grounding terminal/copper lug to facilitate connection with the grounding grid.

Chemical Ground ElectrodeSpecification and models


Models No.







Impuls run

PH Value



Chemical ground Electrode






7 +/- 5%




7 +/- 5%

The grounding electrode of BEISUDA COMPANY electrolytic ion fully meets the requirements of grounding protection equipment such as UL, NEC, ANS, lEC, BC and other international standards.

Chemical Ground Electrode application range

Lightning protection and grounding works for petrochemicals, oil storage, power plants, substations, communication base stations, airports and network computer rooms, etc.

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