Classification: Other Organic Chemicals
Refractive index:1. 421-1 423
Cas NO.. 112-40-3
Flash Point: 71C
Molecular Formula: C12H26
Purity: 95%, 99%
Melting Point: -12C
Appearance: Colorless liquid with gasoline-like odor.
Boiling Point: 215-217*C
usage. raw material used in Synthesis
Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Brand Name: Dayang
Aliase: Ba 51-090453;ba51-090453;CH3(CH2)10CH3;dodecanenormal,n-dodecan;n-Dodecane min;BIHEXYL;DIHEXYL
Purity: 95%, 99%
Appearance:Colorless liquid
Brand: Dayang
Usage: As solvent, in organic synth, as distilation chaser, in jet fuel research.
Packaging & Delivery
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Detailed Description
Name: Dodecane
Synonyms: n-Dodecane-d26; n-Dodecane; Ba 51-090453; ba51-090453; CH3(CH2)10CH3; dodecanenormal; n-dodecan; n-Dodecane min;
CAS Registry number: 112-40-3
EINECS: 203-967-9
Molecular Formula: C12H26
Boiling Point: 215-217*C
Flash Point: 71C
Density: 0.753
Water: <0.1 g/100 mL at 25。C
Appearance: Colorless liquid with gasoline -like odor.
Usage: As solvent, in organic synth, as disillation chaser, in jet fuel research.
Safety Statements: S36;S60;S62

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