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XK-D20 is a two-part packaged, modified epoxy basedthermally conductive adhesive, combining functions of thermally conductive, electrical insulation, strong bonding and sealing. It is ease of use, long service life, suitable for automated production dispenseprocess to improve productivity and bonding effect. XK-D25 is designed for strong bonding of metals or plastics. Better effects can be achieved when it is used together with GLPOLY bonding adjuvants.


GLPOLY Thermally conductive adhesive XK-D20L is a high performance, modified epoxy adhesive with thermal conductivity of 2.0W/mK, 13MPa bond strength. Fast cure at room temperature, it is ideal for electric battery cell bond. From its birth, GLPOLY thermally conductive structural adhesive has attracted attention from competitors and clients.

Many suppliers claimed they could make thermally conductive adhesive, actually, they could just solve either thermal conductivity and cure schedule or could just fix bond strength and cure time. GLPOLY was the only one that solved all above three indexes at the same time in China and provided products for department of defense equipment. this is reality, GLPOLY has been one of top class thermally conductive structural adhesive suppliers.

GLPOLY have the rwa materials modified with proprietary technology, improving thermal performance and bond strength, and introduced automated production line for eliminating artificial error and improving product quality.

Last year, the chief engineer, Mr. Zhang from a power battery manufacturer contacted me and said he was looking for a thermally conductive structural adhesive which would be used for battery cell bond. He had tried several thermally conductive adhesive before, but he was not satisfied with any one of them due to higher temperature rise. Test failed, everything he did needed to be done again.

I learned Mr. Zhang’s requirement from communication, recommending thermally conductive structural adhesive XK-D20L after studying customer’s statement of requirements. After reviewing the specification, Mr Zhang said it seemed like a perfect product, he wished to test and check the real performance whether it suited the design requirements.

Ten months later, the high temperature aging test and extreme temperature cycling test were finished. Customer called me:”performance and reliability validation are finished, your product XK-D20 performed reliably and stably, it has been introduced into supply system for trial production next month.” Finally, we got official order from customer three months later. It’s been one year and a half since our first contact.

GLPOLY Thermally conductive adhesive has benefits and advantages as following:

1. Thermal conductivity 2.0W/mK, bond strength 13MPa;

2. In-house validation and test report issued by third party;

3. Automated production process keeps consistency of product;

GLPOLY thermal interface materials has been used by Huawei Marine, dJI innovation, NIO Motor, GAC New Energy, DT Mobile and Freetech Pilot etc top class brands, providing design flexibility.

GLPOLY serves top ten clients in every industry with superior service.

1. The first one to adopt nano-scale grinding machine to process raw material;

2. Improves raw material quality from its source, it’s hard to achieve for rivals;

3. Mixed by automatic preparation and distribution system for measurement accuracy of 3‰, rivals can not achieve it;

4. Automatic production process eliminates human error, and most rivals in China adopt manual mixing;

5. Developed simulation design and test software, improving development cycle;

6. Formulates one-to-one dispense program and delivers assembly pressure simulation;

More than 30 items can be tested in-house;

7. Accelerated high temperature aging test approved by Institute of High Energy Physics;

8. Military grade quality control, no quality complaint events for 13 consecutive years;

9. GLPOLY is the designated supplier of Huawei, DJI, NIO Motor and more.

GLPOLY XK-D20L thermally conductive structural adhesive combines thermally conductive and structural bond, suitable for “CTP” battery cell bond. It has been applied in AIWAYS Motor, LISHEN Battery etc.

GLPOLY XK-D20L is a thermally conductive structural adhesivewith 8MPa bonding strength, 2.0W/mK thermal conductivity designed for cell bond inEV "CTP" battery pack,eliminating mechanical fasten, simplifying structure, and iscompatible with automated dispense processes.

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