Silicone Medical Tape

China silicone tape, polyurethane film/Polyethylene film----breathable, soft and water-proof(Polyethylene film is not applicable)

Soft silicone layer----self-coating and perforation, clear pore structure, no risk of degumming, good for fragile skin and sensitive skin

More options of FuluoChina medical tapes are provided, you can have a look at our foam medical tapes.

China Silicone Tape Specifications



24rollsx 12boxes

12rollsx 12boxes


6rolls x 12boxes

6rollsx 12boxes

China Medical Tape Advantages

Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing changes.

Conforms well to body contours.

This types of medical tape chinacan remain in place for several days.

Extremely soft and comfortable.

Can be repositioned easily.

China Silicone Tape Application

Any situation where a regular medical tape would be used.

Fixing wound dressing, securing IV lines and fistula needles.

Friable or sensitive skin, like dialysis patients.

Pediatrics and neonates.

Dermatology and orthopedic surgery (requires high skincare)

Sensitive sites: eyelids, ears, and face.

As one of kinesiology tape manufacturers, we have kinds of related products for sale, anything you need, please contact us.

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