Battery Module

lithium battery modulefrom our lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers is the serviceable unit by the arrangement of cell assembly.

Modularized module solution from Eco Power li ion battery company contributes to the seamless installation to your integrated battery solution. Modularity minimizes your effort of purchasing variation, inventory control, and servicing.

Those lithium ion battery modulebenefit from a high level of reliability and safety, thus ensuring a full warranty for manufacturers.

Lithium Ion Battery ModuleVS Pack

Lithium ion battery module

Lithium ion battery moduleLithium ion battery module

Both lithium ion battery module and pack production is a mechanical assembly process while cell production is primarily a chemical process.

Lithium battery module such as VDA 355 module is the middle production between cell and pack as the serviceable units. The lithium battery cell are connected in series and in parallel to get battery modules and battery modules are connected in series and in parallel to get battery packs to achieve the desired voltage and energy capacity.

Lithium ion battery packLithium ion battery pack

Compared with lithium ion battery module, the lithium battery pack is the complete enclosure that delivers power to the electric vehicle. The pack usually contains battery cells and/or battery modules, software (BMS - battery management system) and often a cooling and heating system, depending on where and how the battery pack is to be used.

What Is Lithium Ion Battery Module Used For?

The module of Lithium ion batterytypes is the combination of a fixed number of cells to protect the cells from external shock, heat or vibration since lithium ion battery module cells must endure shocks transmitted during the drive and possess high reliability & stability to the extent of being able to withstand high and low temperatures.

The state-of-the-art energy density lithium battery modules from Eco Power lithium ion cell manufacturer combined with a modular mechanical concept allows to fit a lot of energy in small spaces, so integrators can capitalize on their developments on their whole product range and therefore significantly improve their return on investment.

If you are looking for a reliable lithium ion company, don't hesitate to contact us!

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