Potassium cinnamate

Product Function & Application

1. Antibacterial ability, especially for the mold caused by food spoilage, bacteria and yeast strong, and the antibacterial effect does not change due to fluctuations in PH can be widely used in various types of food.

2. Safety and practicality, potassium cinnamate absorbed by the body into phenylalanine metabolism excreted by the body, a small amount of phenylalanine phenylalanine hydroxylase can be catalyzed to produce tyrosine, no toxic to the human body.

3. The effective anti-corrosion component of potassium cinnamate is also a kind of natural differentiation inducer that can differentiate many kinds of cells, that is, it has anti-fatigue, promoting metabolism, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, dilating blood vessels, maintaining excitement and lowering blood pressure.

4. Potassium cinnamate has anti-tumor effect, anti-mutagenic activity in vitro, can inhibit a variety of carcinogenesis-induced tumors in rodents.

5. Potassium cinnamate can be directly added or complex manufacturing local anesthetics, fungicides, hemostatic agents, and has the effect of anti-fatigue; has good antibacterial and trichomonas effect, for wound healing have a certain effect, can be used for Band-Aid and other external drugs.

6. Potassium cinnamate itself is a spice, has a good fragrance effect, usually as a raw material with incense, the fragrance of the main spices can be more fragrant and volatile.

7. Potassium cinnamate can also be used as apple flavor, cherry flavor, fruit flavor, floral fragrance to reconcile the use; can be used as an aromatic mixture for soap, shampoo, washing powder, daily cosmetics.

8. In the application of cosmetics, inhibition of the formation of the role of black tyrosinase, ultraviolet rays have a certain isolation, can make brown spots lighter, or even disappear, is an essential raw material in sunscreen.

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