Taima cooling agent ws23 for medicine

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Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co., Ltd, was founded in 2008, located in Xi ‘an China.

specializing in producing USP Grade high concentrate Flavors, All kinds of Cooling Agents.

Our Flavors through Poland, Finland, Germany three agencies detection.

Our Products have gotthe certificate of MSDS, COA, Intertek, HALA...by Officially tested.

Our concentrate flavors more than 500 kinds include

concentrate Tobacco series Flavour,

concentrate Fruit series Flavors(Black currant fruit flavor),

concetrate Mint series flavors,

And Al Fakhe Series flavors...

Thecooing additives includecooling agent Ws-23, cooling agent WS-27, cooling agent WS-3, cooling agent WS-12, koolada WS-5...

We supply our products worldwide:

Most of the Cooling agent, concentrate flavors(like Black currant fruit flavor) are exported to Europe, USA, UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Asia, Middle East markets, etc.,

Meanwhile, Prompt delivery, as well as the best service, so you can be assured about us.

And, We serve you from our heart, and the Product quality can also tell.



WS23 Usage amount:

  1. : 0.1%

If use water to dilute, 1g ws-23+ at least 1000g water, that case can be fullydissolved,then add it in the products you need, Mix ratio: 0.03-0.1%.

Cooling agents are widely used in food, daily necessities, cosmetics, perfume flavors, medicine, tobacco, clothing, breeding and other industries.
1) In the food industry: Cooling compounds are widely used in beverages, chewing gums, various oral lozenges and other products to create a lasting and pure sense of refreshment, to refresh the mind, while also clearing heat, quenching thirst, and descending Fire, deepen breathing, dryness, soothe the nerves, laxative, antibacterial, pain relief and other functions.
2) In the daily necessities, cosmetics and fragrance industry: a variety of cool compounds can be used to blend a variety of cool flavors, cooling agents can be applied to a variety of daily necessities according to the normal amount of flavor (such as shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, body cleansing) Agents, toothpastes, mouthwashes, air cleaners, etc., to give them the refreshing and fresh feeling they need, leaving them feeling chilly and refreshing;
3) In the cigarette industry: Cooling agents for cigarettes are often made into microemulsions, such as a menthol microemulsion. Cigarettes produced using the microemulsion are free of impurities and odors and are stored at room temperature for more than one year. Cigarettes are smoked. When sucking, the mint flavor is released evenly and moderately, which makes people feel comfortable and refreshed.
4) In the pharmaceutical industry: cooling compounds are used to relieve itching symptoms, pain and ease the mood of the patient;
5) In the aspect of aquaculture: In particular, in Africa or some tropical countries, the use of cooling agents in feeds is started to increase the survival rate and growth rate of pigs, cattle, chickens and other livestock and poultry, thereby improving the breeding efficiency;
6) Cooling agents can also be used for deworming: It has been reported that some cooling agents have an insect repellent effect. Givaudan, a world-renowned flavor and fragrance company, found that WS-3 and its N-position alternative compounds have good deworming effects.

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