Chlormequat Chloride

Known as the first plant growth retardant to be used on plants, agrochemicals chlormequat chloride was first discovered by chemistry professor Dr. N.e. Tolbert at Michigan State University in the late 1950s. Dr. Tolbert first experimented with wheat crops, to which he applied Chlormequat Chloride. His experiments resulted in thicker stems and shorter plants. Nowadays, Chlormequat Chloride (cas 999-81-5) is commonly used in nurseries to slow down stem growth while encouraging flowering in ornamental plants and flowers.In addition to Chlormequat Chloride, Paclobutrazol and Daminozide are similar plant growth regulators (PGRs) that are present in a number of popular products on the market and are used by a significant percentage of growers in the indoor gardening industry. 

Specification of Chlormequat Chloride

Product name

Chlormequat chloride ;  2-Chloroethyl-trimethyl ammonium





Molecular Formula


Molecular weight


Melting point



Chlormequat chloride


25kg/woven bag; or 200kg/plastic drum


White powder

Loss on Drying








Other names

2-Chloroethyl-trimethyl ammonium

Brand name



Payment Term

In Jinama, we have three terms used popularly that are:1. 100% T/T in advance2. 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment(or against Bill of Lading)3. Irrevocable L/C at sightOther terms are also available in Jinama, please kindly advise our sales.

Delivery Time

  1. 2. Production order: about 40 days to 60 days according to the order list.3. Other requirements are negotiable.

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