Sodium-Free Refining Flux

General Description of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

Aluminum alloys containing more than 2 % magnesium become brittle with sodium. This flux is a compact covering and cleaning granulated flux, which generates low dust and low fume during application. it reacts quickly with molten aluminum and removes the alkali metal (Ca, Na, Li, Sr) and non-metallic inclusions (oxides, carbides, borides)and degassing. This flux is used in hypo-eutectic aluminum alloys including those contain high magnesium alloy. It designed for producing wheel hubs, pistons and the aluminum alloy who is intolerant of sodium.

Melting Point: 423℃

Color: off-white color

Size of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

Granule 0.8-3.25mm, 1-4mm,1-5mm,1-10mm

Spherical 0.15-0.6mm, 1-2mm, 0.6-1mm

Other size can be adjusted according to customer request.

Function of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

The sodium-free flux that can be used for all aluminum alloys for degassing, covering and drossing. It also removes all alkaline metals from molten aluminum. It removes non-metallic inclusion and traps the oxide particles as they are floated out.It is an Effective Na Ca Remover Flux.

Packing of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

Benefits of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

Instructions for use of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

Sodium-free flux should be added to the melt at the temperature of 690-750 Degree Celcius. The recommended application rate should be 0.1 to 0.2% of the melt size. Rebel the melt and remove the dross from the top of the molten metal.

WARNINGS of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

FSF has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in the normal temperature and closed shaded dry area in undamaged original packing.
Care should be taken to prevent moisture pick-up during storage,especially after bags have been opened.

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