Modified Alkyd Conformal Coating - L220


·Use at: -40~130℃

·Excellent insulating performance.

·Good weatherability, temperature tolerance, resistant to water,oho scrubs,chemical corrosion and aging.

·Superior Dielectric properties

·High volume resistivity including humid conditions

·Excellent adhesion to most surfaces

·Repair circuit board.

·Package: 2L/tin

·Shelf life: 9 months

GOLOHO-L220 is part of the range of transparent coating varnishes based on established modified alkyd chemistry. It is modified to be ideal for air driven spray applications without nozzle blocking. The performance of GOLOHO-L220 meets the latest requirementsof electronics, low pin corrosion and fast curing at room temperature or oven cure conditions. GOLOHO-L220 has no aromatic compounds in the solvent and satisfies the requirements of the ROHS directive.


The coating of circuit board in electronic and electrical, living electric apparatus, rail transit and new energy.


Electronic components varnished with GOLOHO-L219 provide maximum resistance against contaminants such as moisture and dust many chemicals. It can withstand corrosive gas atmosphere, weak acid fuels, oils, glycols and many other fluids used in automotive and shipping industry.

GOLOHO-L219 can survive temperature shock and temperature cycling resistance such as -40 to +130°C for several cycles. The cured coating retains good adhesion but remains flexible to withstand distortion of the PCB (Mandrel bend test)


The coating varnish GOLOHO-L219 is optimized for mass production robotic application on equipment systems where the spray is controlled by air flow or similar equipment. This coating minimizes the risk of blocking of the nozzle by slight reduction of evaporation of the solvent and reducing curing. It can also be used for dipping if the viscosity is suited to the PCB or component to be coated. GOLOHO-L219 is flammable and good ventilation is important in all processing areas. In order to achieve satisfactory wetting and fault-free adhesion of the coating varnish it is important to ensure compatibility with the applied solder resist, paste and flux.


For batch Curing: Air curing at 23°C for 16h , Accelerated curing 80°C/15min

Very short cure times of about 10 minutes can be achieved with the correct temperature profile in a well regulated in-line oven. Caution is needed to limit the rate of temperature increase to avoid bubbles in the coating. Guidance on curing profiles is available on request.


Do not contact with the eyes, the skin or the clothes. If contact the compound with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15mim. If contact the compound with skin, scrub immediately with dry cloth, and rinse with soapsuds.

wash the hands after use

storage: storage at 5-25℃ in dry place.


Clean and dry the surface before using.

Suggested coating thickness:20~80μm

Curing time: be different at different temperature and humidity.



Appearance(shape): liquid

Specific Gravity(25℃):0.9

Solubility: Soluble in nonpolar solvents

Flammability: inflammable liquid

Volatile matter: modified alkyd, solvents that do not contain aromatic hydrocarbon


According to the dangerous goods


Whole or local exhausting facilities and flushing facilities.


Without notice, the contents of this article may be changed due to the product performance improvement and specification.

We just only ensure the specifications of our products. You have to test the product before using to conform if it is suitable for your use.

Our products are developed for general industrial use.

The data are real expression in the existing test methods and results of GOLOHO POLYMER in this paper. However, because of the uniqueness of every application, the product information can never replace necessary testing before user's applying. The user's test results are the only way to ensure the product is suitable for their specific application requirements. Therefore, unless a written guarantee, GOLOHO POLYMER only ensures the products comply with the factory specifications. GOLOHO POLYMER never recognizes any other form of guarantee and claim clause. GOLOHO POLYMER has the right to test again for product quality if there is any quality problem. GOLOHO POLYMER will provide replacement or refund if any quality problem confirm. Users should be responsible for ensuring that their applications comply with local safety regulations and obtain the necessary certifications and recognition. GOLOHO POLYMER does not undertake any responsibility for any safety and loss problems.

Please contact the company's customer service if you want to reprint the contents of the products. Customer service hotline: ; for more details, please visit web site:


GOLOHO Polymer Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. has founded in 1995. It is a leading enterprise in China which manufacture industrial adhesives, such as RTV silicone, grease and conformal coating. Which are widely used in new energy, rail transportation, photoelectric display, electrical electronic equipments. After more than 20 years of development and technology accumulation, GOLOHO CHINAmasters the leading technology, production process and the strict quality management system. It has approved ISO 14001:2004 GOLOHO has built the factories and R&D centers in Shenzhen, Guangdong and Changzhou, Jiangsu, winning the most of the community and the customer recognition and praise. GOLOHO provides total solutions for customers at home and abroad with Safe, reliable and innovative high-tech products and comprehensive services.

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