MERCEDES-BENZ 1878007072 Clutch Plate Clutch Disc

Specializing in the production of clutch plates for heavy trucks and light trucks. The factory can customize clutch kits in China. Factory wholesale clutch plate clutch disc for Mercedes-Benz MK trucks. High quality and high-performance auto parts clutch plate 1878007072sizes 430mm

MERCEDES-BENZ 1878007072 Clutch Plate Clutch Disc Parameters:

product details

product name

MERCEDES-BENZ Clutch Plate1878007072 Clutch Plate Clutch Disc



Applicable models

Mercedes-Benz Actos Truck

Mercedes-Benz Adigo Truck

Mercedes-Benz Akso Truck

Mercedes-Benz Akso Truck Second Generation


the cover clutch pressure plate

Applicable engine

Mercedes-Benz OM 457.937

Mercedes-Benz OM 457.948

Mercedes-Benz OM 457.956

Benz OM 541.920

Benz OM 541.921

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.922

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.923

Benz OM 541.924

Benz OM 541.925

Benz OM 541.926

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.927

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.940

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.942

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.944

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.946

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.948

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.949

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.976

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.978

Mercedes-Benz OM 541.991

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.920

Benz OM 542.921

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.922

Benz OM 542.925

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.940

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.942

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.944

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.960

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.962

Mercedes-Benz OM 542.964

Benz OM 902.913

Mercedes-Benz OM 902.914

Benz OM 902.915

Benz OM 906.921

Mercedes-Benz OM 906.923

Mercedes-Benz OM 926.913

For more information about clutch plate and pressure plate, please feel free to contact us!

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