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Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd

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Shanghai Hensin Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the leading savory food& pet food ingredients supplier in China. With 16+ years'​ efforts, we have built up strong supply chain with factories and vast R&D network. Thus we not only provide ingredients,but also provide solution for savory food.

Flavoring ODM one-stop service:

From the development, production, design and other one-stop services, specifically for the brand to negotiate system development and production.Let you maintain the core competitiveness of the product.Alibaba has been a member of integrity link member for 16 years.-- Shanghai shouxin industry and trade co., LTD. (tel: 021-34979670)

Our main business:

Savoury food ingredients: soy sauce powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) powder, meat and bone extract, savory flavor,flavour enhancer, mixed seasoning powder,

Pet food ingredients:hydrolysed chicken liver powder, compound amino acid powder, duck meal etc.

Private label seasoning:chicken bouillon granule, soup cube, beef seasoning etc.



Соевый соус в порошке soy sauce powder
Соевый соус в порошке soy sauce powder Description and process: Spray dried natural fermented soy sauce powder, Halal, Kosher and GMO-free. Taste the same as the top soy sauce powder br...
Instant  soy sauce powder
Instant soy sauce powder Descriptions: Instant soy sauce powder,the newest product in China also unique in the world,spray dried from natural fermented soy sauce, Halal,...
HVP powder Spray dried  hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder (HVP), use non-GMO soy, wheat, corn as raw material. Used as food ingredients in blend season...
chicken bouillon cube
chicken bouillon cube process: materials → mixing up → pressing into cube → drying → packing  → inspecting → prod...
beef bouillon cube
beef bouillon cube process: materials → mixing up → pressing into cube → drying → packing  → inspecting → prod...
shrimp bouillon cube
shrimp bouillon cube process: materials → mixing up → pressing into cube→ drying → packing  → inspecting → product main m...
chicken liver powder
chicken liver powder Standard: Sensory characteristics Appearance Brown powder Flavor The flavor of chicken liver Chemical and Physical Moisture (%...
Compound Beef Powder
Compound Beef Powder Description and Process: Compound beef powder MF-3108 is developed especially for Korean foods. It is compounded by hot-reacted beef powder and ma...
Chicken powder
Chicken powder process: materials → mixing up → making into granules → drying → packing  → inspecting → product mai...