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TAIZHOU WANGLONG MACHINERY CO.,LTD( Taizhou Minghua Metallurgy Powder Factory ) was the best and famous reputation, performing manufacture of metal powders and metal alloy powders in the fields of surface engineering and welding in China, we product the excellent quality spraying and welding alloy powders with the best cheap price and we guarantee the delivery in time, to win the reliance and praise from customers..

Our company has advanced technology in the world, excellent equipments with complete quality inspection system, enable to have accurate detection to the physical and chemical properties of raw materials in production process and finished products, to ensure the excellent quality and stability of products.

Our products are widely used in various high-temperature, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and anti-oxidation in many field of industries and mining industry, our sales and customers include aviation, steel, petrochemical, steel corrosion prevention, machinery, light industry, textile industry , paper industry, energy, shipbuilding, plastics machinery, hardware and tools, and other industrial fields, we also export to Europe, the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia and other places.


Cobalt-based alloy powder
Cobalt-based alloy powder Cobalt-based AlloyCobalt-based Alloy has good hardness of high and normal temperature,excellent high-temperature intensity, anti-fatigue proper...
 Iron based alloy powder
Iron based alloy powder Iron based alloyIron based alloy has the function of good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation and thermal shock resist...
Nickel based alloy powder
Nickel based alloy powder Nickel based alloyNickel-based alloy is mainly the alloy of nickel, chromium, silicon and boron. The melting point of this alloy is is low, th...
	Stainless steel powder
Stainless steel powder Stainless steel powderThe main scope of using stainless steel powder: 1. Using powder metallurgy (PM) on sintered suppression. 2. Metallurgy inj...
Tungsten carbide alloy powder
Tungsten carbide alloy powder Tungsten carbide alloy powderTungsten carbide alloy powder has excellent properties of low stress mill grain and abrasion resistance, but impact...
Chromium Carbide powder Grade: Cr3C2
Chromium Carbide powder Grade: Cr3C2 Chromium Carbide powder Grade: Cr3C2Appearance: Dark grey powderApplication: For cemented carbides grade Cr3C2-A Cr3C2-B impurity cont...
Thermal Spray Powder
Thermal Spray Powder (Aggl /Sintered /Spheroid )45/15um 106/20um(Aggl /Sintered /Spheroid) 45/15um 106/20umNiCr/Cr3C2 45/15um
stellite alloy powder
stellite alloy powder 粉末 硬度 化学成分(重量%) 典型用途 C Cr Si W Fe Mo Ni Co Mn B Stellite1 48 Bal 阀座、轴承、刀口等 Stellite3 48 ...