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Shanghai Aureole Furniture Decoration Co.,Ltd

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Shanghai Aureole Furniture Decoration Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1993.It is one of the earliest companies engaged in design and manufacture of new classical furniture in China. As member of Hong Kong Furniture Association and China Furniture dealers united association,Website:, Aureole take the vision of become Rolls-Royce & century brand "in home furnishing field.  We are specializing production of top-end new classical style furniture that is providing complete set of furniture and accessories for villa, restaurant, luxury real estate, sample room, construction project etc. Aureole's advantages are design ideas originally coming from foreign designer, which are widely used in interior design, decoration accessories. Our company has 3000 square meters showrooms and more than 40000square meters standard workplace with most advanced production equipment. We built an efficient management system including research and development, production, quality inspection, marketing, transportation and customer service.  Over the years, Aureole masters the fashion trend of home furnishing all the time and has successfully launched series of KALICMAN and BELLA VITA collection as well as many sub-brands.


Desk Book Stand
Desk Book Stand Picture CodeAK-8010DESC.   study deskSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD1718*868*750Materialsolid wood,Website: convex carve design with solivr foilCoatingebony+specul...
Dressing Table Stool
Dressing Table Stool Picture CodeAK-7017DESC.   dressing chairSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD570*600*760Materialsolid wood,Website: crack silverCoatingebony+specular crack silver 
Vanity Mirror
Vanity Mirror Picture CodeAC-7326DESC.   dressing mirrorSIZEL*W*H*SH*SDnormal1260*50*1080Materialsolid wood framecarve patternsCoatingcherry+golden foil 
Wood Wardrobe
Wood Wardrobe Picture CodeAC-7241DESC.   wardrobesSIZEL*W*H*SH*SDnormal182*585*2334Materialsolid wood framecarve patterns,cherry straight veneer,maple shadow flo...
Solid Wood Chest Of Drawers
Solid Wood Chest Of Drawers Picture CodeAK-7055DESC.   chest of drawersSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD1282*514*895Materialsolid ebony+specular crack silverCoatingebony+specular crack silver 
Bed Bench
Bed Bench Picture CodeAC-7218DESC.   benchSIZEL*W*H*SH*SDnormal 1239*499*480Materialsolid wood framecarve patternsCoating More Products for You to Choose  
Chaise Lounge Chair
Chaise Lounge Chair Picture CodeAC-3000DESC.   chaise chairSIZEL*W*H*SH*SDnormal1560*670*930Materialsolid wood framecarve patternsCoatingcherry+golden foil 
Chaise Sofa
Chaise Sofa Picture CodeAK-7029DESC.   chaise chairSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD1744*970*885Materialmahogany,specular old goldenCoatingmahogany,specular old golden 
Double Bed
Double Bed Picture CodeAK-7023DESC.   upholstery bedSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD2250*2155*1400Materialsolid wood,ebony+specular crack silverCoatingebony+specular crack sil...
Dining Chair
Dining Chair Picture CodeAK-5041DESC.   dining chair without armSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD570*590*1020Materialsolid wood,ebony convex carve design with solivr foilCoatinge...
Dining Table And Chairs
Dining Table And Chairs Picture CodeAK-5062DESC.   dining chair with  armSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD678*730*1092Materialsolid wood,ebony convex carve design with solivr foilCoatingmah...
Glass Dining Table
Glass Dining Table Picture CodeAK-5019ADESC.   round dining tableSIZEL*W*H*SH*SDΦ1450*780Materialsolid wood,ebony convex carve design with solivr foilCoatingebony+spe...
Bedside Cabinet
Bedside Cabinet Picture CodeAK-6015DESC.   Side and decoration cabinetSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD1415*594*2050Materialsolid wood,ebony convex carve design with solivr foilCoat...
Corner Desk
Corner Desk Picture CodeAK-2042DESC.   corner tableSIZEL*W*H*SH*SDФ680*720Materialsolid wood fram,ebony bark matched flower decoration surface.convex carve flo...
Tables Picture CodeAK-2002DESC.   corner tableSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD660*660*650Materialsolid wood fram,ebony bark matched flower decoration surface.convex carvin...
Adjustable Bar Stool
Adjustable Bar Stool PictureCodeAK-1017DESC.   bar stoolsSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD600*603*1233Materialsolid wood fram,ebony bark matched flower decoration suface.spongue and poli...
Bar And Grill
Bar And Grill Picture CodeAK-1048DESC.   barsSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD1486*633*1113Materialsolid wood fram ,ebony colour,marble top,convex carve with silver foil decoratio...
Sofa Chair
Sofa Chair Picture CodeAK-3005BDESC.   leisure chairSIZEL*W*H*SH*SD800*880*1070Materialsolid wood fram of the ebony coulor, sponge and polishing leather surfa...