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In order to respond to the national 12thFive-Year energy-saving, consumption – reduction and green casting call, completely change the casting industry poor working conditions and environmental hazards, promote industrial structure optimization, and improve the core competitiveness of products, Guoyu Company, under Vigor Iron Group's strong support, based on reality, gives full play to its own advantages, takes the initiative to go out, actively introduces advanced international technology, transforms its own backward production capacity, and achieves industrial upgrading. In May 2010, the Company and the Japan Xieli Fine Machine Industry Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation intention, and first successfully introduced the world's most advanced V-modeling production line in the Luzhong region.

The project was formally invested in construction from December 2010, which lasted six months with a total investment of 3,000 Yuan and the new plant area of ​​10555 square meters, and achieved a successful trial production to the end of May 2011. The complete production line equipment includes the modeling, sand processing, dust removal, vacuum, electronic control(five systems), core – making and smelting (two ministries); more than 30 pieces of equipment isoriginal imported from Japan Xindong Industrial Co., Ltd. with good quality and high degree of production automation, andJapan Xieli Fine Machine Industry Co., Ltd. conductsthe entire process of technical guidance on equipment installation, production, testing, quality inspection and other aspects for comprehensive protection of product quality. This production line is mainly used for production of following types of forklift counterweight below 3 tons with the annual production capacity of up to 60,000 tons after continuous production. Particularly, Guoyu Company has successfully passed the Japanese Mitsubishi Group strict quality inspection and one of the production bases of Mitsubishi Group forklift truck counterweightin China. In addition to Mitsubishi Group, the Company products are mainly sold to Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, Dalian and other places.

·V - casting is originated in Japan, also known as vacuum sealingmolding method, negative pressuremoldingmethod or pressure reduction molding method, and because the English word – Vacuum, it is referred to as V modeling. V modeling is very different and the traditional sand casting as a physical modeling method with combination of vacuum technology and sand casting. It uses original sand with no water and binder, uses plastic film to seal the cavity surface and the back surface, and produces negative pressure with the vacuum pump, resulting in sand inside and outside pressure difference to make the sand tightening. After the core setting, mould assembling, pouring,solidification, it lifts the negative pressure or stops pumping, so the sand is collapsed and the castings are obtained. V casting has an absolute advantage over traditional casting: first, without the use of adhesives, sand shakeout is easy to make the loss of molding materials to a minimum, and the sand recovery rate can reach more than 95%, which can significantly reduce waste sand to reduce the production costs and labor intensity. Second, V casting can eliminate the wrong case, drape and other defects, the castings have high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, less shot blasting, small casting weight deviation, high metal utilization, and significant economic benefits. Third, it no longer uses coal and baking with reduced coal consumption and power consumption; it weeds out the traditional resin sand, greatly reducing harmful gas emission of the pouring process, which has completely changed the traditional casting workshop smoke to achieve air clean and ground and clean production.

Advanced technology equipment and first-class core technology are the company's development source; good economic and social benefits are the company's goal; high-quality products and efficient services are the company's relentless pursuit. After industrial structure optimization and upgrading, Guoyu stands on the new starting line full of vitality to create a new world under the 13th Five – Year Plan.


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