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Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd.

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Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. focuses on promoting environmentally friendly paper. We provide customized productions of rich mineral paper as well as recyclable paper.

We are a leading manufacturer which owns the <a href=""/>stone paper</a> making industry chain in China. For years, we have been dedicated to accelerate eco-friendly technology and its products with one goal: to protect the most valuable carbon storing resources—Trees and Forests.

We have three factories respectively located at southwest, northeast in China. The capacity of each factory is 10 million tons per a year. We can export stone paper from DALIAN, TIANJIN and SHENZHEN ports. It is very convenient to delivery stone paper all around the world.

With our first-class customer service, high-tech means and market-oriented mechanism, we believe we will transform and upgrade the paper industry model and bring back green world.

"Choose our stone paper, make the global clean and green." Reasonable price, high quality products, considerate service, which are the goals we chase after. We eager to be a long-term strategic partner with you.

Our Mission

  • To provide sustainable products that incorporate social responsibility and no harm to our environment.
  • To provide stone paper products via seamless supply chain and management
  • To introduce revolutionary stone paper products to safeguard the environment for the enjoyment of future generations.

Our Marketing Goal

  • To transform and upgrade the paper industry model.
  • To protect our global water resources and save energy
  • To reduce basic cost for public organization and private sectors

Our Vision

  • Stone Paper Products will become a primary type of paper used.
  • More citizens on earth will join in this paper industry revolution.
  • Low carbon emission, less effluent (airborne or solid ) environment will come back.

What can we serve?

  • High quality stone paper
  • Diversified Service
  • Professional Technical Advice
  • SophisticatedSupply Chains
  • Private Customization Services


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