Shijiazhuang Jiarun Technology Co., Ltd

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Shijiazhuang Jiarun Technology Co., Ltd

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Shijiazhuang Jiarun Technology Co., Ltd located in South side of the Road, 180 meters from Vocational Education Center, Luancheng District,

Shijiazhuang,China. We have our own factory which was founded in the year of 2006. There are about 100 employee in the production line

  1. Eddy Current Separator, Metal crusher machine, Book glue cutting machine, belt conveyor, roller conveyor

waste paper baler and so on. All the accessories are available. Jiarun has established a set of manufacturing to service from the perfect system.

Each machine has protected by our own patent application. We have also open up a branch company. The facility have been exported to many

countries such as South Africa, Kenya Southeast Asia and so on.


magnetic eddy current separator
magnetic eddy current separator An eddy current separator (also called ECS, Non-ferrous Metal separator) is a machine that’s use powerful rare earth magnets to sort and sepa...