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More than twenty years of manufacturing experience, Hengshui JingTong Rubber Co., Ltd. is a specialist for manufacturing and exporting bridge bearing pad. We provide technical grades bearing pads to meet your needs. There are laminated bearing pad, elastomeric bearing pad,PTFE bearing pad, lead core bearing pad, pot bearing,spherical bearing padand high damping bearing pad. The excellent isolation effect and reliability of our bearing pads have been globally verified and examined by several actual cases. We are very glad to provide you the best quality and economical products.


Laminated bearing pad
Laminated bearing pad Laminated bearing pad is designed with reinforced steel plates to effectively support vertical, horizontal force and accommodate rotational movement.
Elastomeric bearing pad
Elastomeric bearing pad Elastomeric Bearing Pad can transfer loads, accommodate thermal movements, its vertical rigidity is sufficient to bear and shift the load to the st...
PTFE bearing pad
PTFE bearing pad PTFE bearing pad is widely used for sliding bearing, expansion accommodation, and displacement capacity improvement with excellent shear deformation.
Lead core bearing pad
Lead core bearing pad Lead core bearing pad is widely used at bridges and buildings, it is the lead core inserted into the center of the laminated bearing pad for load s...
Горшок Pot bearing is designed to accommodate the movement and displacement, also bearing the low to high loads.
Сферическая опорная площадка
Сферическая опорная площадка Spherical Bearing Pad is designed to transfer vertical and horizontal load as well as longitudinal and transverse movements.
Высокая амортизационная подушка
Высокая амортизационная подушка High damping bearing pad has great mechanical properties and excellent vibration reduction to absorb earthquake energy.