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Jiashan Zhongyao Bearing CO.,Ltd is a company specializing in the production of various models series oil-free bearings business entities.Our products sell well both at home and abroad.The company is located in Zhejiang province Jiashan County, east of Shanghai, west of Hangzhou City, traffic is very convenient.

Main products comprise JDB(JFB)inlaid series bearing, cooper bushes,sliding plates,blank series,FB090 series bearings,JF800 bilateral series bearings, SF series self- lubricating bearings and others.In sample for product quality launched by Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, all the indexes of product are qualified.

Product are widely applied in various mechanical drive parts, such us the fields of automobile,motorcycle, electronics, electrical equipment ,light industry ,chemical industry, hydraulic-pressure machinery,and hydraulic machinery,winning a good reputation from customers,

In the concept of "Our Conduct Is Guided by Your satisfaction",the company sincerely welcomes your copperation for mutual development.


JDB Structure Characteristics and Applications: It is backed with strengthening brass that has good physical performance and good capability for casti...
ST steel bushings
ST steel bushings This product is backed with steel, and it`s inner surface has many crossed oil groove, round and elliptical oil socket, After quenched and tempered...
JDB-1U Casting Bronze Bushings
JDB-1U Casting Bronze Bushings It is backed with bronze alloy. Products of IGF080 series is widely used on agricultural machines, cranes, electric motorcycles, spring bolt and tr...
SF2 boundary lubricating bushings
SF2 boundary lubricating bushings SF-2 boundary lubrication bushing is based on a composite material with 3 firmly bonded layers: steel as backing. sintered bronze sphericalpowder a...
SF1 oilless bushing
SF1 oilless bushing It is wall wrapped bushing made of triple layer composites material which be consisted of a steel backing, a sintered porous bronze particles inter...
JF bimetal bushings
JF bimetal bushings It is backed with high quality low carbon steel with tin-lead-bronze alloy sintered on its surface. To effectively decrease abrasion, its alloy sur...
FB bronze wrapped bushing
FB bronze wrapped bushing FB090 is a kind of bushes wrapped by bronze strip. The bronze is made as the particular formulation with high specific and gravity, and on its surf...