Wujiang City Expo Textiles Co., Ltd.

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Wujiang City Expo Textiles Co., Ltd.

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Since 1993, the date she started on her quest for the Rayon fabric manufacturing in the famous textile hub Shengze town, WCEs president Janny Wang has conducted an orchestra of skilled people who love what they do – and it shows in every detail. The combination of amazing people and extraordinary production capabilities results in the exceptional performance and service for which WCE is known.From initial raw materials purchasing to spinning, dyeing and finishing, WCE’s fastidious process ensures perfection in every piece. View WCE’s product categories.In addition to fabrics manufacturing, WCE has a high-performance trading team who is devoting themselves into serving clients. Led by Janny Wang, the team is the minds and hands that have brought WCE into a premier fabric manufacturer and trading company. With an intimate knowledge of woven fabric, an extensive collective knowledge of building relationship, teaming and anguage capability, the team responds to request for every unique clients from every corner of the world. Contact our team


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