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Hebei Hongfei Cable Group co. LTD is a national second integrated cable enterprise group, founded in 1996, mainly engaged in wire and cable production, with production capacity of 500000km each year, the company now has 560 employees, including 165 technicians,39 senior engineers, covering an area of 160 thousand square meters, have wire and cable production equipment more than 150 sets,have testing equipment more than 70 sets which All the equipment has reached the advanced level in domestic and foreign. In order to ensure the quality of products, the company introduced an eccentric measuring instrument and partial discharge detection equipment from West Kela and SIEMENS in Germany , which made the product quality reach the leading level in the world. The company products are: 35KV and below XLPE power cables, Aluminum Alloy cable, cable for subway and light rail, overhead insulated cables with 1KV 10KV 35KV, PVC insulated power cable, flame retardant cables, fireproof cables, low smoke halogen-free cable, control cable, prefabricated branch cable, high and low voltage cable for mine, rubber cable, mining cable,, computer cable, communication cable, aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire, cloth wire, rubber insulated cables and so on,more than a dozen categories, hundreds of models, six thousand kinds of specifications. The company is committed to the development of products, we have strong R & D team, not only can product various types of wire and cable according to national standard and industry standard, but also in accordance with the IEC standard, UL standard, AS/NZS standard, European standard.our products are exported to Europe, Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions, and the products are widely for urban and rural power grid, nuclear power plants, petrochemical, high-speed rail, subway / light rail power, telecommunications, coal mines, mines, oil fields, water conservancy.


High Quality Pvc Insulated Pvc Sheathed Power Cable VV,VV22
High Quality Pvc Insulated Pvc Sheathed Power Cable VV,VV22 для закладки здания, inducts, металлические туннелей, прямо в землю и под водой номинальный межсекторальных областях:1.5 мм2, 2.5 мм2, 4 мм2, 6 мм...