Shenzhen M-Triangel Technology Co,.Ltd.

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Shenzhen M-Triangel Technology Co,.Ltd.

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We specific in high cost performance, tailor you the most appropriate

LCD maintenance equipment. With years of industry experience,

professionalism huge R & D team, advanced production and testing

equipment, unique sales model, 7X24-hour standby after-sales service,

we have win the trust of domestic and foreign customers, and the

establishment of long-term partnership, became a fitting equipment

leading the most influential and competitive manufacturer.

Triangle technology through broad marketing channels, product exports

has maintained rapid growth, products exported to Canada, the United

States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina,

Australia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan

India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong more than 30 countries and



Frozen Separator
Frozen Separator 1. The newest frozen separation technology, More efficient and safe, not hurt LCD; 2. Suitable for all touch screen smart s in the market,(includin...
 Laser Machine
Laser Machine Many New popular mobile s on the marketboth the front and back cover are glass,the back glass is fragile and extremely difficult to repair.andWe la...
Original OEM Mobile Phone Battery
Original OEM Mobile Phone Battery 1.Formulate production according to original battery standard; 2.Dual IC protection design ensure the safety and extends the battery's life cycle; ...
M-Triangel Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine
M-Triangel Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine 1. For LCD, LED, OLED laminating; 2. Fast laminating, 30 S/PC; 3. Easy operation, one button to start, touch panel system control; 4. Suitable for ...