Guangzhou YDEP Industrial Co, Ltd.

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Guangzhou YDEP Industrial Co, Ltd.

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Guangzhou Youde Pin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a branch of Hong Kong Keya International in China. Youde Company specializes in the overall planning,Website:, design, production, installation and other integrated laboratory professional laboratory project construction group company, near 20000 square meters of factory buildings. It is a small number of “Building Enterprise Qualification Certificate” issued by the Guangzhou Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Committee. The qualification categories and grades are: Building Decoration and Decoration Engineering Professional Contracting Level 2, Construction Electromechanical Installation Engineering Professional Contracting Level 3, Environmental Engineering Professional ContractingA professional enterprise engaged in the production and construction of secondary laboratories for grade, electronics and intelligent engineering.


Hospital Atomization
Hospital Atomization Hospital Atomization,Website: Furniture
Triage Desk Hospital
Triage Desk Hospital Triage Desk Hospital,Website: Station
Hospital Desk
Hospital Desk Hospital Desk,Website: Station
Doctor Nurse Station
Doctor Nurse Station Doctor Nurse Station,Website: Station
Hospital Guidance Desk
Hospital Guidance Desk Hospital Guidance Desk,Triage Station
fume hood
fume hood The cabinet type exhaust hood is commonly known as a fume hood, similar to a closed hood. The small parts spray booth and the chemical laboratory f...
Hospital medical record cart
Hospital medical record cart The medical record clip cart is a medical cart for storing a patient medical record clip, and belongs to a class I medical device in the medical de...
Hospital bedside cabinets
Hospital bedside cabinets The bedside cabinet is a storage cabinet with a storage function on the side of the bed, which can be used to place some daily necessities for pati...
Hospital beds
Hospital beds Medical beds can also be called medical beds, medical beds, nursing beds, etc., which are beds used by patients when they are hospitalized. The mai...
U-shaped nurse station
U-shaped nurse station The nurse station, called the nurse workbench, is also called the nurse guide or the guide. It is the big front desk that everyone sees directly af...
Hospital anti-slip handrail
Hospital anti-slip handrail The handrail is a practical and decorative protrusion that is usually placed on a stair, a slab, a balcony, etc., and is a member for hand-holding ...
Single infusion chair
Single infusion chair The infusion chair is also called a drip chair, which is mainly used for infusion of patients to medical units. Early adopting a very simple seat o...
Chinese Medicine Cabinet
Chinese Medicine Cabinet The cabinet is made of thick high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is exquisite in workmanship, durable and beautifu
hospital trolley
hospital trolley Medical cart refers to the ward protection transfer medical equipment, suitable for large hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, mental hospitals a...
Hospital locker
Hospital locker Wardrobe can be divided into three types: steel locker, wooden locker, plastic locker. Abs locker is moisture-proof, anti-corrosive and wear-resis...
Hospital Baby Swimming Pool
Hospital Baby Swimming Pool The standard structure is the baby wash station + nursing station, the standard size is 2440*735*820(H)mm, and the width of the washing table and t...
disposal cabinet
disposal cabinet product description 1. The cabinet is made of thick high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is exquisite in workmanship, durable and beautiful. 2. ...
treatment tank
treatment tank The all-steel cabinet is made of epoxy-coated galvanized cold-rolled steel sheet, which is resistant to chemicals, moisture, high temperature and a...
Hospital stainless steel medicine cabinet
Hospital stainless steel medicine cabinet Stainless steel cabinets, simply made of stainless steel, made cabinets. It evolved from the stainless steel kitchen utensils in the hotel cafeteri...