Zhuji Xinba Valve Co., Ltd.

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Zhuji Xinba Valve Co., Ltd.

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Zhuji Xinba Valve Co., Ltd.(previous company: Zhuji Chengning Valve Core Co., Ltd.), was set up in 2000, which is specialize in manufacturing and R&D of quick openFaucet cartridge, the registered brand is “XINBA” & "CHENGNING". Over the past decade, we continued to import professionals and improve technology. At present, we have established a high-tech professional team and master the core international technology.


BRASS CARTRIDGE CN188 01双面磨瓷片厚度精确、手感新颖、轻盈润滑Double sided grinding tilesPrecise thickness, Novel feel, Light lubricate02全新升级硅胶手感轻盈New upgrading of silica gelLight feeling ...