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We have adopted new and advanced molding technology and have employed senior technical staff to offer the best quality to the needs of the science labs. We believe the only way to grow up is grow up with the customers and the technology together. Over the years,Website:, we have built highly professional manufacturing base. Our cleanroom meet the highest industry standard and 100% test before shipment, ensure the product quality. We focus on innovation and continuous improvement. Our creating products are easy to use. Our sterile sample bottles for water testing, water sample bottles are better meet EPA requirement for coliform & E-coli testing. The wide-mouth PP bottles and PP amber bottles are better storage vessels for reagent.


Sterile Sample Bottles For Water Testing
Sterile Sample Bottles For Water Testing Sterile Sample Bottles For Water Testing,Website: Safety Test
Water Sample Bottles
Water Sample Bottles Water Sample Bottles,Website: Safety Test
E. Coli Indicator Bacteria Test Kit
E. Coli Indicator Bacteria Test Kit E. Coli Indicator Bacteria Test Kit,Website: Safety Test
Cardboard Freezer Boxes
Cardboard Freezer Boxes Cardboard Freezer Boxes,Website: Utensils
Powder-Free Exam Gloves
Powder-Free Exam Gloves Powder-Free Exam Gloves,Laboratory Utensils
Wide mouth PP bottles
Wide mouth PP bottles wide-mouth PP bottles provide excellent chemical resisitance and are ideal for storing and handling of liquids and solids. Reliable, translucent hi...
label signs
label signs Our Label Signs are made of special polypropylene, equipped with two pieces of transparent plastic sheet. The size of The label signs The size i...
PP amber bottles
PP amber bottles Eco-Sensa PP Amber Bottles are wide-mouth, made of amber polypropylene, reduce UV light transmissions to protect light-sensitive contents. Useful f...
centrifuge tube racks
centrifuge tube racks Our centrifuge tube racks is a requisite for any laboratory, it is made of virgin polypropylene. Slide these polypropylene centrifuge tubes racks t...
Plastic Inoculating Loops
Plastic Inoculating Loops Plastic Inoculating loops are designed to eliminate cross-contamination in quantitative microbiology applications such as sampling, urine counts, s...
Reagent Reservoirs
Reagent Reservoirs Our eco-sensa Reagent Reservoirs is made from APET, it is offer a fresh and modern design with enhanced features to streamline pipetting procedures...
Vacuum Filtration Systems
Vacuum Filtration Systems ur Vacuum Filtration Systems is a fast filtration technique used to separate solids from liquids. Fast Flow with large surface Extremely low...
Sterile Cell Scrapers
Sterile Cell Scrapers The sterile cell scrapers are for tissue culture harvesting from flasks, plates, or dishes in western or enzyme assays. Designed to gently remove c...
sterile coliform bottles
sterile coliform bottles The sterile coliform bottles,are made from polystyrene,swrew cap, tamper seal,100ml liner for 120ml bottle, 100/case.
Universal Fit Pipet Tips
Universal Fit Pipet Tips The Universal Fit Pipet Tips are designed to provide a reliable fit with all major brand pipettors and have a bevelled orifice to help ensure fluid...
Self-Standing Screw Cap Tubes
Self-Standing Screw Cap Tubes The eco-sensa self-standing screw cap tubes, cap is specially manufactured using our patented technology. It differs from standard o-ring sealing i...
100ml fill line bottles
100ml fill line bottles water sample bottles are water coliform collection bottles without sodium thiosulfate for un-chlorinated water sources, specifically designed for w...
120ml coliform bottles
120ml coliform bottles The 120ml coliform bottles are made from polystyrene, designed for use with EPA ,It has a convenient 100-ML line on a 120ml bottles ,with sodiu...
microcentrifuge tube storage boxes
microcentrifuge tube storage boxes These microcentrifuge tube storage boxes are molded in polycarbonate, and can be used at temperatures of -150°C to 121°C. Designed to hold 100 (10*...