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Our brand name “ IFFA” stands for Innovative Functional Film Art, which is originated from our main philosophy. We think a product should not be limited by its own property. By increasing the added values of a product so we can enhance its quality. We have been concentrating on the three dimensions of the product to make our films for customer’s gratification. The three dimensions include theinnovationof the product, the physicalfunction, and its style ofart.

In 2005, IFFAdeco innovates the “film solution” for metal substrates ( galvanized sheets, aluminum plates, coil coating, extruded aluminum….etc. ). IFFA metal laminated film requires only simple steps to be processed on continuous coil coating lines to give metal realistic appearance of wood grains, marble, brushes or even customized look of design. IFFA metal laminated film also break through the barriers to bring the magic come true for using the decorative metals interior or exterior.


Термотрансферные пленки для полноцветной печати
Термотрансферные пленки для полноцветной печати The permeating depth of paint into primer depends on the operating temperature, pressure, working time and over-all compatibility. These parameters...
Heat Transfer Sublimation Printing Film
Heat Transfer Sublimation Printing Film IFFAHeat Transfer Filmis also calledSublimation FilmorThermoform Transfer Printing Film. IFFA Heat Transfer Film is composed of paint and film carr...