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Camoro Tech(shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

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Camoro Tech is a cross-border e-commerce/trading company dedicated to the design&development of camera-based applications, mainly like CCTV camera\ IP camera and Spy camera,etc . Except security cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, AI/AR expansion products, and consumer products were also our product line which are built around Camera applications and Smart home scene. We do ODM for new items. Our colleagues get more than 10 years experience in Alibaba and suppy hot items with high evsluation. We offer spot sale and Inventory clearance for better exp.


Camoro i5 Video Action Sports camera 4k 1080P
Camoro i5 Video Action Sports camera 4k 1080P Action Sports camera 4k 1080P Wide angel 170 Degree Wide 2.0 Inch professional digital hd camera