Shaoxing Tyrell Packaging

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Shaoxing Tyrell Packaging

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Shaoxing Tyrell Packaging Co.,Ltd.The company pays attention to independent research and development, has a professional and efficient team of R&D engineers, dares to innovate and break through, has a forward-looking aesthetic vision and innovative work methods, can create fashionable, environmentally friendly, and healthy products for customers, leading the industry trend , Control the future of the industry.


Square Transparent Acrylic Cream Jar A22
Square Transparent Acrylic Cream Jar A22 TL-A22Quartet 50g 23mm 32.64mm 10g 34.92mm 44.32mm 15g 37.3mm 45mm 20g 39.2mm 54mm 30g 42mm 60mm 50g 46.5mm 66.7mm