Jiangsu Chuanhong Fabric Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Chuanhong Fabric Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Chuanhong Fabric Co., Ltd. (founded in 2002 and renamed as Jiangsu Chuanhong Fabric Co., Ltd. in 2014) relies on the advantages of Shengze chemical fiber fabric production base that produces thousands of fabrics and the strength of Shenghong Group. After nearly 20 years of development, it has become a chemical fiber woven lining supplier integrating development, production, sales, and service.

We have served domestic and international high-end brand customers for a long term, We give first priority to product quality, and have rich experience in quality control.

Product cost

Relying on the long-term stable supply chain system and the price support of Shenghong Printing and Dyeing advantage, and to ensure quality, we are committed to providing the best price plan.


P100% High-stretch ​Functional Fabri
P100% High-stretch ​Functional Fabri Through new technology finishment , giving the fabric a fully new feelling ,like antibacterial, anti-VU,silver ironing, superthin film, compound, m...
Silver Nylon N20D*N20D Superthin Down Fabric
Silver Nylon N20D*N20D Superthin Down Fabric By special coating and film treatment, express different effect on bright visual. The style is fashion-forward and chic, with a smooth, flexible te...
Polyester/cotton Twill Workwear Fabric
Polyester/cotton Twill Workwear Fabric T400/T800 fabrics use high elastic yarn, which gives the fabric extremely high elasticity. The T400 fabrics feel smooth and bone, while the T800 fa...