Hiking Textiles (Taian) Co.,LTD

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Hiking Textiles (Taian) Co.,LTD

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Hiking Textiles is located in Taian, Shandong, which is close to Qingdao Port. We aim to provide functional and innovative yarns to improve customers' competitiveness.

As a functional and innovative yarn supplier, Hiking Textiles keeps cooperating with textile universities and research institutions such as Qingdao University, Donghua University (China Textile University) to develop functional and innovative fibers and yarns.

Up to now, we have applied for more than 20 invention patents and registered over 100 independent trademarks. Moreover, we are actively participating in the formulation of various industry and group standards such as BCI, OEKO-TEX, GRS, etc.


Anti-bacterial cotton yarn TechNa-Cotton
Anti-bacterial cotton yarn TechNa-Cotton A gift from nature, Combination of cotton and herbal extractant with rich Zinc, TechNa-Cotton is a permanent anti-baterial cotton. 1.Anti-bacteria...
Cool feeling polyester yarn Hakuu-Poly
Cool feeling polyester yarn Hakuu-Poly HYGROSCOPIC AND FAST DRY The cruciform cross-section can increase surface area and create micro-channels, so fabric with Hakuu-Poly yarns can trans...