Новая компания "корона севера"

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Новая компания "корона севера"

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We, Hebei Guanlian New Material Co., Ltd., has our own factory located in Chemical Enterprise Zone which is initiated by provincial government of Hebei. We have been focused on manufacturing titanium dioxide
and zinc oxide for a decade years. Besides regular type of products,
we are good at supplying customized products too. We are famous for stable quality and good price.

Our factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and professional Research&Development experts. Our manufacturing procedure strictly followed ISO(QMS/EMS and OHSMS) standards.

We developed by our own R&D professionals the Nano type TiO2[RNT-20], which has a wide range of usage. RNT-20, with higher whiteness, higher covering capability and is more stable and weather resistant,
has been popular both at home and abroad.

You are welcome to contact our business departments, we are glad to support.


Двуокись титана, титановый диоксид анатаза (TiO2)
Двуокись титана, титановый диоксид анатаза (TiO2) Анатаза диоксида титана а -100 изготавливается по технологии серной кислоты.   1. Применение   1. Наружные и внутренние покрытия;  Латексная краска...