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Founded in 1980, .is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of , with the production of and used battery recycling as the supplement. Camel is the largest and leading car battery manufacturer in Asia.

Currently, has four major brands, which are CAMEL, HUAZHONG, SWAN, DF. With over 400 types of products covering , start-stop battery, lithium-ion battery, traction battery, etc. are widely used in cars, trucks, agricultral vehicles, golf carts, electic vehicles and other applications.

The core competitiveness of Camel Group stems from continuous independent innovation, clear development strategy and efficient execution, which are all based on having an enterprising and innovative management and technical team. To ensure the technological leadership in the industry,Camel has continuously increased R&D investment and introduced the world's leading automatic production lines, and advanced R&D and testing devices.The professional R&D institute under the company is recognized as state-level enterprise technology center. Camel also have academician expert workstation and state-level laboratory. As a high-tech enterprise supported by the state, Camel has entered the field of new energy vehicle prospectively, committed to green energy manufacturing and recycling, and opening a low-carbon life for mankind.


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