Zhejiang Yisheng Fluid Intelligent Control Co., LTD

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Zhejiang Yisheng Fluid Intelligent Control Co., LTD

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Zhejiang Yisheng Fluid Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou , Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. It is a leading company specialized in both miniature gas cylinders producing and gas filling.


N2O Cream Charger
N2O Cream Charger Our cream charger contains pure Food Grade nitrous oxide. The whip cream charger is made from 100% recycled carbon steel. Made to the highest stand...
16g N2O Cream Chargers
16g N2O Cream Chargers The gas bomb contains nitrous oxide gas, the content is 16g, the color is silver, one-time use, can not be reused, each gas bomb can foam 1 liter c...
CO2 Chargers
CO2 Chargers What is soda chargers Carbon Dioxide (CO2) soda chargers are considered the highest quality charger cartridges by professional chefs, home users a...
12g CO2 Chargers
12g CO2 Chargers CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an odorless, colorless, non-flammable gas. It does not contain any minerals, salts or other solid ingredients. It is used w...
16g CO2 Chargers
16g CO2 Chargers This product contains carbon dioxide, the cream charger contains nitrous oxide. Because gases are so different, they can only mix with certain subs...