Мышление зеленой экологической инженерии

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Мышление зеленой экологической инженерии

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Guangzhou Silv Environmental Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise which main project is sewage treatment,waste gas pollution control and solid waste disposal,meanwhile,it offers the services of environmental project design,equipment manufacture,project construction and advice on environmental evaluation.It is located in Guangzhou,the provincal capital of Guangdong Province. Our company manufactures all kinds of environmental equipments such as UV disinfection equipment、chlorine dioxide generator、creatures deodo- rization equipment、medicating equipment、flotation equipment、blotter press、bar screen spotter and incinerator.Our company undertakes sewage treatment project、sludge disposal project、air purification project、noise abatement project.We offer one package service of project undertaking、equipment installation and after-sale service.Also we undertake a variety of public projects in a BOT investment and operation model.At present,our achievement has covered the trades of municipal government、medical department、landed estate、electric company、steel company、metalurgo、chemical industry、oil company、building materials、textile company、printing and dyeing company、papermaking、foods、electronic company、electrical equipment and so on. Since the foundation of our company, we increasingly introduce new products and technique , meanwhile, we also constantly introduce advanced management theory and various professional and outstanding genius in order to make the enterprise’s operation and management scientific and rational. Efficient environmental equipment,good quality of sample project and good after-sale service constantly help found the nationally famous brand“SiLv”and win the trust of wide customers,which make us possess comparative strength and wide market share. Our company looks forward to working with friendly person from all walks of life. “Serving the enterprises、benefiting the society;improving huaman’s living environment、protecting the earth’s beautiful environment”is our duty.“pursuit of excellence,openness basing on honesty”is our operation theory . We make great efforts to develop green science and technology and environmental career.We make our own contribution to protecting the blue sky and water, realizing mankind’s sustainable development. Welcome to visit our company,at the same time,welcome the companies wih promising new products and techniques to come to exchange skills.We can adopt various mutual benefical cooperation ways like technology joint investment、products marketing by procuration and so on.Let’s promote the high-performance and energy-efficient technology model together. Free Hotline: 4000882004, welcome to dial for free advice! QQ customer service: 4000882004, welcome to add buddy for advice!


УФ дезинфекция оборудования
УФ дезинфекция оборудования Он также известен как ультрафиолетовое обеззараживание оборудования, системы ультрафиолетового обеззараживания, устройства ультрафиолетового обезза...