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SHANGHAI XUE NI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Has built its brand to exude contemporary fashion and quality while at the same time keeping a very cultural balance. XUE NI has taken many solid steps in developing the international market. SHANGHAI XUE NI INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a company specializing in import and export. Furthermore, we are one of the largest manufactures dealing in garment accessories. Our staff consists of more than 300 people. We also have 16 different types of Hai De Bao machines. SHANGHAI XUE NI INDUSTRY CO., LTD has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. XUE NI always adheres to its philosophy “Continuous creation, commitment to excellence”. XUE NI concentrates on the R&D of garment accessories’ while trying to increase its market share, all done while maintaining the integrity of its quality. Each of Xue Ni’s staff is given ample room to exploit their talen, this we believe is one of the main reason we have become a one stop garment manufacturer doing everything from developing, designing, producing, to sale and marketing.


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