Panel Mount Industrial Panel PC

Amongo's china industrial PCadopts industrial grade motherboards, which offer our clients the most cost-effective and reliable solution to expand flexible capabilities for their projects. Compared with other industrial panel pc touch screen manufacturers, AmongoDisplay has richful experience in manufacturing industrial panel mounted touch screen PC. Moreover, our panel mount industrial panel computer is ideal to be used in harsh environments since it integrates advanced touchscreen technologies with rugged metal or aluminum housing. Even under extreme industrial environments, including hot, cold, moist, dusty, vibrating, shocking, acid and detergent conditions, our industrial panel computers can serve continuously for many years.

VESA/Wall Mount Industrial Panel PCs

Amongo's wall mount industrial panel computers (also named as vesa mount or chassis mount panel PC) are especially designed for extreme environment use. The wall mount touchscreen PC integrates rugged casings with metal, aluminum or steel front bezels for IP rating of waterproof, dust proof, etc. Our industrial panel PC is available in sizes from 7 inch to 32 inch with different pixels. With resistive, IR or PCAP touch technologies, vesa mountable all in one PC is widely used in industrial environments where needs information exchange or control applications.

PCAP Touchscreen Flat Panel PCs

Zero bezel also means bezel-less which means the panel pc is designed without any enclosure when you look from the front. This slim and modern structure makes these industrial panel PCs very suitable for applications related with retailing or IoT, especially it is adopting the most popular PCAP touch technology which now is being more and more popular in our daily life. These bezel free PCAP touch monitor usually comes with vesa mounting or embedded mounting to get a true flat surface after installation which will make the maintenance easily . Like those traditional big and heavy panel computers, bezel-less designed touch panel PCs also perform well even when they are deployed in very harsh environment as they are using the industrial grade components and have been test very strictly to assure of their stable quality.

Android Based All-In-One PCs

Because of the benefit of easy adoption and high compatibility of Android OS, Android based all-in-one PCs are being widely used in the applications related to AR and IIOT. The android touchscreen panel PC is working as a control center installed in a equipment to collect and show information and data to the end users, which enable the equipment to be smart and user-friendly. Also they are the economic choice for many applications where an industrial panel computer is over functioned for them. Amongo has many successful experience in designing Android based All-in-PCs, like for Intelligent parcel lockers, vending machines, EV charging stations, Battery exchanging stations, Reverse vending machines etc, and with additional features like face recognition, Iris recognition, temperature checking, etc.

Embedded Systems/ Box PCs

Embedded computer systems has different names by end users, such as fan-less box computer, controller, embedded fanless box PC, Mini PC, etc. An Embedded PC is essentially any specialized computer system that is implemented as part of a larger device or intelligent system. Besides the industrial display monitors , Amongo is also you partner to offer system solutions for your project. Amongo's ultra slim and compact designed embedded box computers are playing an important role in the evolving IoT, enabling the connections between machines, people, things to be intelligent.

Amongo is a professional industrial monitor manufacturer. We provide Industrial LCD Monitors, Multi-Touch PCAP Monitors, amongo display, harsh environment panel pc, industrial touch computersand so on. Want to buy panel PC? Please contact us.

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