CCD camera for color sorter

CCDcolor sorter

The CCD camera uses a color CCD image acquisition system to obtain comprehensive information of RGB colors. Make the color sorter have the perception ability of the human eye, can better select materials, and better meet the requirements. The higher resolution can accurately identify small defects and spots on the raw material, and the high-precision dedicated lens can ensure a clear image.

Description of CCD Camera for Color Sorter

Purpose of color sorter camera: This product can be used in agriculture, food, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for tea, sesame, beans, melon seeds, raisins, small yellow rice, jojoba, glass, plastic, cinder, ore , Peanut, cottonseed, wolfberry, pepper and other color selection.

Focal length: 50mm±5%

Aperture: F2.8±5%

Pixel size: 5.25μm*5.25μm

Image size: φ28

Flange back focus: 5.9±5%

Relative contrast: >91%

Optical distortion: <0.2%

Object image distance: 640mm

Operating temperature range: -10~+60℃

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