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Cisco 890 Series Integrated Services Routers

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Product Overview of C891F-K9

Cisco 890 Series ISRs deliver integrated security and threat defense, protecting networks from both known and new Internet vulnerabilities and attacks. Our powerful, fixed-configuration routers provide secure broadband, WAN services can deploy them in customer locations as CPE. You get centralized and remote management capabilities through web-based tools and Cisco IOS Software for full visibility and control of network configurations at the remote site.

The operation of the Ciscoroutersusing the deployment of Ethernet WAN services, with end-to-end operations, administration, and maintenance (OA & M), service-level agreement (SLA)

Cisco 890 Series ISRs - C891F-K9come with an 8-port managed switch, providing LAN ports to connect multiple devices. An optional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability can also supply power to IP s and other devices. Eleven Cisco 890 Series models are available : Figure 1 shows the front and back of one, the Cisco 892FSP.

We supply C891F-K9, C887VA-K9, ISR4321-V/K9, ISR4431/K9, CISCO3945-V/K9, CISCO2951-V/K9, Cisco1905-SEC/K9, CISCO1941-SEC/K9 and so on.

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